Family Lawyers In Campbelltown Mediating Your Separation

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  • November 8, 2018
Family Law

No two households are the same. Some are happy, whereas some become volatile and of course they range all the way in between. Some have kids and some are newly married. No matter what your circumstances, although similar experiences, every person has different needs. When your household begins to break down family lawyers in Campbelltown may be where you need to go next.

Expert solicitors in Campbelltown are compassionate and caring towards you while you are facing stressful and complicated times. They specialize in many kinds law and this field is certainly one. You are guaranteed a qualified attorney that will help make sure that you understand everything at every step of the way. You will have honesty with the team telling you exactly what you need, not want to hear.

During these sensitive situations, family lawyers in Campbelltown will attempt to resolve your issues through mediation. This is when you sit down with the opposition and with an attorney, and try to come to a unanimous decision. This is done to provoke peacefulness rather than creating more tension by facing court. Often families can come to an agreement peacefully by having a third party to mediate between the two of them. In the event that mediation does not allow you to come to an agreement then there are several services that you can access through family lawyers in Campbelltown.


Divorce And Separation

Many marriages break down and end up in divorce. Some people even refuse to get a divorce. Family lawyers in Campbelltown have the knowledge on how divorce and separation needs to be addressed. You must be separated for at least 12 months before you can apply for a divorce. The reason for this is that many couples can work out their problems while spending time apart eventually saving your marriage. You do not need to be living apart either to be classified as separated. This is where a licensed attorney from family lawyers in Campbelltown can help you navigate the legal requirements and help you with your application.

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Spousal Maintenance

After a marriage has broken apart, you still have legal requirements to maintain your former spouse if you are capable of and they are not, and vice versa. The courts can find one side obligated to financially support the other. The courts will consider several factors when making this decision, these include, the ages of both involved, any dependants, any financial assets or income that each party have access to, whether suitable employment can be found, or any pensions or benefits that a person may be eligible for. When making this decision they will also consider how long the relationship lasted and how each party will continue a reasonable living. Family lawyers in Campbelltown can assist in obtaining all evidence that can provide proof of your side. The courts can order either a lump sum or an ongoing payment if one party cannot continue a sustainable living, but only if the other party has a financial means to assist.


Children And Parenting Orders

When a couple has separated and children are involved the courts will primarily consider the benefits to the child having a relationship with both of the parents and protecting the children from any risk that they may be exposed to. The courts can make a ruling on 2 decisions, parental responsibility, (the decision maker on long-term issues, eg. medical, education, and religion), and living and time arrangements (formerly child custody, this is how much time a child spends with each parent).


Paternity Matters And Child Support

Sometimes a mother would like to pursue child support but the father is not on the birth certificate, or a father wants his name on it when the mother has denied him. In this case, the courts can order a DNA test to be done. Family lawyers in Campbelltown can assist you with this claim ensuring that the right documents have been filed and ensuring the courts order a DNA test. From here they can then help get child support started (whether or not paternity was an issue). Child support is based on how much the opposite parent is earning and how much is needed to retain a sustainable living for your child.


 Property Settlement

When a couple has split, assets need to be distributed fairly. If mediation doesn’t allow for even distribution the courts can take everything into consideration, eg, income, property, vehicles, and any other main assets, and fairly distribute them between the two.

If you feel like family lawyers in Campbelltown can assist you then you should definitely contact them. You will receive complimentary caring advice on what you can do, whether you need assistance, and how they can assist you in this stressful time.