Five Benefits of Sydney Criminal Lawyers

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  • October 30, 2018

The law is incredibly complex and convoluted. Moreover, it is subject to change over time, meaning it is so important that you have someone who is an expert in interpreting the law in your corner. Indeed, there are many great advantages of hiring one of the criminal solicitors Sydney based expert that is available, which stems from their extensive knowledge of the current legal framework, courtroom etiquette and understanding of relevant proceedings. If you have been charged with a crime, chances are you’re scared for what the future holds. While hiring a solicitor is no guarantee of being found innocent, you have a far better chance of successfully contesting your charges with one of the Sydney criminal lawyers on your side.


Courtroom confidence

A courtroom can be a daunting place. Even if you’re just a bystander taking in the process, you’ll be aware that there is a tension and nervousness in a court environment. Having one of the criminal solicitors Sydney by your side will help reduce any anxiety or stress you may have when in the court room. They are aware of the process and are seasoned in how to communicate appropriately. You’ll never feel lost or out of your element. A confident defence is far better than a disorganised and unfocused one. With a solicitor, you’re more likely to present a defence that will fare better in court.





Clearly, legal expertise and an up to date understanding of the current legal framework are key qualities of Sydney criminal lawyers. More importantly, they know how the law can be applied to your case and any loopholes in the system that could prove beneficial to you. Indeed, if you want to be in a stronger position to contest your charges, reduce your sentence or walk free, you’re better off hiring one of the Sydney criminal lawyers to help construct your case. Don’t represent yourself – be smart and hire someone who is accomplished and practiced in the field.


Money vs life

The general stigma is that solicitors can be incredibly expensive to hire. In many situations, this is true. Having said this, the financial repercussions of not hiring a lawyer and being found guilty could be grave. A lengthy sentence means you have no source of income, meaning you can’t provide for your family as long as you’re behind bars. Some Sydney criminal lawyers offer flexible repayment methods for clients who may not have the financial means to repay within the present time. Moreover, some Sydney criminal lawyers will provide their services pro-bono, meaning all services are provided free of charge (however, this is rare).


Quicker results

The court schedule can be frenetic and intense. Some people can be left waiting for months for their trial; however, this depends on the nature and severity of the crime. Acquiring the services of a barrister will save you time because they can leverage the presiding judge if the case needs to be moved forward or backwards. Your case may be high profile in nature, meaning you want to bring your trail forward so as to minimize the impact of public scrutiny in influencing the jury’s perspective. Likewise, you probably won’t want to agonize over an outcome. You want to find out and move on. Without a solicitor to support you, the likelihood of this happening is small.


Trusted advisor

You need to pick one of the Sydney criminal lawyers that you know you can trust. Why? Because you need to be able to tell your solicitor things that could be really personal in nature. Things you may not be able to tell your family because of confidentiality. Your solicitor should be a person of both technical and emotional support.