Why would you need a drug trafficking lawyer?

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  • September 9, 2018

For those who have ever faced charges relating to carrying or selling illegal substances, a drug trafficking lawyer has more than likely been a lifesaver and managed to help them with whatever needs they had. Carrying illegal substance can carry a hefty penalty under Australian law, sometimes resulting in life imprisonment. In the year 2016, over $1.8 billion in illegal substances were seized by Australian police. It is a big problem that authorities are always on the lookout to clamp down on, so it is important that if you do find yourself in trouble to get in touch with a suitable professional to help fight your case. The right expert can help you find the best solution to your problem and help you resume your life away from the prison system.

Why would you need a drug trafficking lawyer?
You will need a drug trafficking lawyer if you get charged with any drug related offences. These charges can include using or carrying illicit substances while you can also be charged for trafficking or dealing illegal substances too. In Australia, the number of these offences has grown steadily since 2008. Nearly 80,000 offenders had a case brought against them in 2015, which had increased by 8,000 from the previous year. However, the number of youth offenders, those aged between 10 and 19, had decreased since 2008 by 22%.

How can they help you?
A drug trafficking lawyer will can help get your expected sentence reduced or have the charges dropped. It’s important on your first meeting with your attorney to be completely honest. Let them know exactly what you have done so when if the case gets as far as a trial, they will know what to expect. Depending on whether this was your first brush with the law and how serious the crime, you may be able to get off with just community service. If it comes to hiring a drug trafficking lawyer, make sure you pick an experienced one as this will increase your chances of having the charges dropped.

What charges can you expect?
A drug trafficking lawyer can try their hardest to help you but if you have been caught committing any number of crimes you could be in for a rough ride. Transporting, hiding, cultivating or preparing an illegal substance with the intention to sell are all crimes which will have you facing some serious charges. In Australia, the maximum penalties for transporting illicit substances can see you sentenced to life imprisonment for a commercial amount, 25 years for a marketable quantity and 10 years for a smaller amount. The same penalties are applied to those for cultivation of plants and selling of plants for commercial, marketable and smaller quantities. Importing and exporting illegal substances is a crime which can end up with you facing life behind bars too. The help of a drug trafficking lawyer may be needed to reduce the sentence too.

What defences can you use?
There have been many high-profile cases whereby defendants have needed a drug trafficking lawyer to get them off their charges. There are many reasons for charges being dropped. Some defendants may claim they didn’t know they were carrying an illegal substance, while others will claim they were under duress and were threatened with violence if they didn’t carry the substance. While it is common for others to claim they were mentally unwell at the time. In any case a drug trafficking lawyer will know exactly how to help with your case and will be sure to construct an argument that will help you get a reduced sentence.

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