How Sydney Divorce Lawyers Can Litigate Your Separation

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  • November 10, 2018
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When it comes to a separation it can become a very volatile situation, especially when children and money are involved. You may be a mother or father, grandparent, a married couple or same sex couple or maybe even de facto partners. You may one day feel the sting of a hard situation and require some legal assistant. Do not feel ashamed many have been in your exact situation. Divorce lawyers Sydney based experts are there for you through this difficult time. Their compassionate, experienced attorneys will help you through your legal battle.


Sydney family lawyers cover a range of legal services. One of the most stressful services they offer is child custody battles. Bringing children into the equation when you are facing a separation battle can be ugly and usually children are the ones most affected. They encourage families to come to a unanimous agreement but of course this doesn’t always happen. A licensed attorney is equipped with the skills to help prove that you are the responsible one and you are capable to take care of your child. They can help you prove that you should be the sole custodian. The attorneys are skilled in courtroom litigation and can begin the process of retaining custody and can help you fight it till the very end including appealing any decision to judge has ruled.

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Divorce lawyers in Sydney are also very experienced in tackling divorce. You will be advised by a licensed attorney on all your obligation and rights. They will lodge all of the correct paperwork to apply for your divorce. An attorney will also help with litigating the divided property and assets it is advised to obtain legal advice when applying for a divorce. A de facto relationship will be considered the same as a divorce excluding the need to file for divorce.


The licensed attorneys at Sydney family lawyers have many years in property settlement experience. There are several factors that are taken into account when dealing property settlement. These include, assets that are held by each party including super, gifts received by either party, financial contribution of each party, and inheritance. A licensed attorney is trained in all of this and will advise you on your rights and help you face any court proceedings.


Often divorce lawyers in Sydney have to litigate in the tough situations of family violence. Domestic violence and AVO’s (apprehended violence orders) often go hand in hand. There is a lot to understand when it comes to domestic violence AVO’s. Whether you are submitting a claim or contesting a false allegation, a licence attorney will be necessary when facing the courts as it will be too much for an untrained person to be able to deal with alone.

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To make things easier on you during a stressful and a hard time you may be eligible for a blue ribbon payment.  This basically defers the payment until 7 days after the conclusion of your case. This alleviate some of the burden while you are dealing with your case. Unfortunately in New South Wales it is prohibited in this kind of law to have a no win no fee policy so careful consideration needs to be taken before undergoing proceedings.


While using Sydney family lawyers you are guaranteed to utilize one of Australia’s quality attorneys. They are caring, compassionate and understanding when it comes to the emotions that can come with these tough and sensitive cases. If you are experiencing difficulties and are in need of some legal assistance give them a call and get some advice for how to start your proceedings.